Today I went to a lovely coffee place with my friend Betül. We had actually planned to go to The Elephant House Café (AKA birthplace of Harry Potter) but the weather was especially unfriendly today so we escaped the snowy rain and wind at the first possible opportunity. We have both been to Elephant House at other times, so it was okay, but apparently they have a lovely hot chocolate there. Oh well, some other day.DSC_1460I had a vegan chocolate cake and chai tea. The server was so happy when she served me the tea. “Good choice” she said as she put the kettle down, and proceeded to look at my cake with a smile and say “Oh, and the vegan cake?” (((: So cute.
DSC_1446Here is my beautiful company. Betül and I are flatmates this year at the uni accommodation, I am so lucky to have her! She is super inspirational and fun to be around, such a kick-ass girl! She is currently working on her dissertation and finishing off her last year. Meanwhile I am having tv-show marathons and eating popcorn in my jammies. We spoke about photography, uni work and the differences from home (Germany and Sweden) and just had a generally cosy time as the world rained away outside the window.
I am trying to convince her to start a blog, she is seriously so down to earth and is such a go-getter, but with all her achieving stuff I get that she doesn’t have time to start a blog. Hoping she will for next year though, as she will move back to Germany :( Isn’t it great to find people you just get along with so perfectly?
DSC_1453_2*Windy hair*
This was my first weekend off since I came back after christmas 3 weeks ago. I’ve been doing my student ambassador job and called around to people to answer a survey. It’s been a nice job, but it was nice just chilling today.
As you can see I wore my new fave T-shirt.
DSC_1440_2_flipNow I’m going back to Netflix with pineapple, popcorn and Turkish coffee.