Hello again, six months no see.

I have decided to write here in english. Mostly for my new friends in Edinburgh to understand, but also to practice my writing skills a bit. I kind of miss Swedish though, both talking it and writing. We will see if I 1) even stick to writing here regularly, 2) have anything to say and 3) enjoy doing it in English. I will write in Swedish from time to time I think.

Today I thought I’d kickstart the new year of my blog with my goals for this year. I think goals are great to have, and I think it’s important to call them goals and not resolutions.

Here are a few:

  • Read one book per month
  • Write in my Bullet Journal every day. (Post coming about this)
  • Practice my handwriting/lettering once per week
  • Sleep at least 7 hours per night
  • Write at least one blog post per week
  • Dare to learn + go in to the free weights section at the gym (This is by far the scariest one I have for this year…)
  • Continue transition in to Veganism.
  • Finish the novel + send it to a publisher

I have a few more I will keep to myself, but I like the way I have broken it down here. I like to set the bar pretty low because then I will feel super good when I do more than what I set out to do. I am trying to go easier on myself, and I think that will help me achieve more this year. I know that doesn’t make sense but I have always been so hard on myself that anything I do just ends up not being good enough, and I end up doing nothing instead. So this year I want to be productive but still always feel good about what I do.

This was just a small start to get going with this darned blog again. I do enjoy writing, but like I mentioned, I’ve set the bar too high in the past and ended up leaving it empty, so now I will just do and we will see where it ends up.